• Tuomo Hiippala is Associate Professor in English Language and Digital Humanities at the University of Helsinki. His current research interests include the multimodality of diagrammatic representations and the development of computational methods for empirical multimodality research. His main publications include “Multimodality: Foundations, Research and Analysis” (with John A. Bateman and Janina Wildfeuer, De Gruyter, 2017) and “The Structure of Multimodal Documents” (Routledge, 2015).

  • Dora Zhao is an AI Engineer at Sony AI on the AI Ethics team. Her research focuses on uncovering, evaluating, and mitigating social biases in AI systems, primarily considering the computer vision and image-text domains. She also is interested in improving dataset creation practices, which spans from collecting novel datasets to understanding challenges that practitioners face in this field. Before starting at Sony, she received her BA and MS from Princeton University in computer science.

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